“Energy Detox & Reboot”
The FASTEST Way to Clear Toxic Energy Blocks that Cause Poor Health, Pain, Worry, Lack, Fear and Uncertainty!
Build Radical Immunity Against Anything that Impedes Resilience in your Health, Relationships, Finances and Spiritual Connection!
*More details about the 5-day energy challenge below.
“Unlock Your Life-Force Super Powers!”

Taught by Master Energy Teacher, Sensei Tristan Truscott

The IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPERCHARGER is the World's BEST All Natural Way to way to energetically CLEAR disruptions that zap your life-force and in turn helps supercharge your immune system.

This step-by-step video training reveals a powerful Immune System Booster from the Art of Qigong (an ancient 'Energy Activator').

Grab this fast-acting, easy-to-apply technique right now!  
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The '5-Day Energy Challenge' starts ---> August 3rd, 2020

***Attend the sessions and learn how to quickly clear energy disruptions  and increase your mental, emotional and physical resilience during these challenging times! Register now! 

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Here's What You'll Discover During This Rare Energy Challenge:
**Each Day of the Challenge Delivers an 'ENERGY MASTERY SECRET' to Build Super Human Resilience**
Day 1: (DETOX) We're kicking things off with a special process to completely Detox your entire energy system. We'll also focus on how to open what are known as the “5 Energy Gates” - once open, new fresh life-force can start flowing in to detoxify your energy system! This energy (aka CHI or QI) will help to restore the healthy functioning of your body's major organ-meridian systems: the Heart, Spleen, Liver, Kidney and Lungs.

Day 2: (REBOOT) On day two we will Reboot your energy system by increase the voltage of the life-force flow! This includes applying energy methods that reverse cellular damage from the stress and worry we've been exposed to during this very challenging time! (Once shrouded in secrecy, these are the same energy techniques discovered by the Ancient Masters of Energy - and Fighting Monks - used to fortify the body by cultivating invincible strength and immunity!)

Day 3: (RESILIENCE) True energy mastery also builds "Emotional Resilience". On day three we will be ready to start unlocking an inner wisdom (aka Inner Knowing) with a powerful meditation process known as Nei Gong (a form of "inner skill"). Once tapped into your "Inner Knowing" it becomes effortless to override fear, fatigue and worry... and naturally replace it with confidence, clarity and state of a higher consciousness.

Day 4: (MASTERY) The Energy Mastery Blueprint Revealed! In our opinion this blueprint is quite possibly the biggest breakthrough to-date for blending these ancient energy secrets into a busy modern-day lifestyle! On day four (a day not to miss!!) you'll discover how this timeless wisdom has been incorporated into a "modern-day, mastery map" that allows you to maintain and master your energy, focus and flow for the rest of your life!

DAY 5: (INTEGRATION) Let's face it... there are a lot of things we know we should be doing... but Integrating them is a whole other challenge! That's why on day five you'll get a NEXT LEVEL review of what we've covered and opportunity to go deeper with all of these amazing energy techniques. We believe in "no one left behind" - it's very important to us - so this day is all about helping you effectively integrate these powerful techniques into your everyday life!

The Energy Secrets you're about to discover have been used throughout the ages by Life-Force Energy Masters to fortify the body (and mind) against extreme conditions. The fighting monks of the Shaolin developed these techniques to increase their resilience to a point where they became practically invincible! REGISTER NOW! This will be an event that will completely transform your life!

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Meet Your Instructors

Tristan & Sabrina Truscott

The Journey So Far...

After many years of studying martial arts and the mind-body-spirit connection, Tristan Truscott was granted the coveted level of Black Belt and went on to build a thriving Martial Arts Academy. However in the year 2000 Tristan was forced to end his martial arts career, due to a crippling back injury.

Even after five years of intense pain and an unsuccessful $90,000 surgery by the best doctors, Tristan pushed onward seeking a solution to his crisis. In the year 2005 he finally had a healing breakthrough that helped him reclaim his health and begin teaching again. Tristan discovered that the focus of the mind when unified with the energy of the body is the greatest transforming power we have, if developed correctly. 

Today, along with his wife Sabrina Truscott, they joyfully teach people their breakthrough body-mind-aligned system (Satori Method) for physical healing, energy clearing and conscious manifestation.

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