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How to SHARE YOUR STORY on video so you build instant KLT (Know Like & Trust) and get quick wins for your potential clients, students and customers so they can't wait to say YES to your offers!


We're including all 4 trainings ($497 value) with the 'On Camera' Next Level Confidence Kit! The 4 trainings will be loaded to the member's area for you! Order below!
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Grab the “On-Camera” Confidence Kit and Implement How We’re Using Video (Live and Pre-Recorded) To Generate High 6 Figures (And Beyond)... And How You Can Copy AND Profit from This EXACT ‘At-Home’ Business Formula! 
"Love this! On camera I can be the FUTURE AWESOME ME, not the current one. Just one pivot made a huge difference for me!" ~ Nan Schweiger 

“When you watch Tristan and Sabrina Truscott’s videos they are so engaging, so professional, so informative, so authentic... and you feel like one of their friends. As a viewer, all you want to do is know more about them and spend time with them - and that is what makes a great video. Tristan and Sabrina are fantastic teachers and I know they will be able to help you create an amazing community and incredible following using video.” - Natalie Ledwell (Motivational Speaker, Best-selling Author, Host of The Inspiration Show and Co-Founder of ‘Mind Movies’)

Discover The Fastest, Easiest way to turn what you Know, Love and Do into a Profitable ‘At-Home’ Business using LIVE and PRE-Recorded Video... (even if you have never done anything like this before AND feel shy or awkward on camera!)
Program #1 - GO LIVE (with confidence)
Everything you need to know BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your live broadcast, so you can grow your audience, attract perfect-fit clients and skyrocket your revenue!
*You get instant online access to all these high quality digital videos - there's nothing to download*
"From someone who wasn't a techie, look at me now! I'm loving it all! Especially the way you guys break all the training down to steps that are achievable rather than just pile it on!" 
~ Annette Greenwood
Program #2 - FREE TO BE ME (on camera)
Developed over many years from working in film in Hollywood and thousands of Live Streams - these are Sabrina and Tristan's TOP exercises, activators and secrets to unlock your natural confidence, charisma and connection on camera!! 
"Let’s End The Shy So You Can Fly On Camera" ~ Trisbrina
 FILMED LIVE - You get the Behind-The-Scenes Bonus Footage!

Watch and learn how to make your own digital courses LIVE - so you can sell them before having to invest time and money upfront!

*INCLUDES FOOTAGE where you can Watch the LIVE creation of 'FREE TO BE ME' is an amazing opportunity!  Watch us create the entire program LIVE! Behind the scenes of exactly how we GO LIVE and create programs that then sell them on repeat! 

REMEMBER: No flashy website, fancy funnel or special technology will ever make up for poor communication and lack of real human connection! Be FREE On Camera!

Free To Be Me 'On Camera' Includes Activators, Exercises & Strategies To Help You:

Feel fluid, NOT frozen on camera.

• Add a level of Fun and Entertainment that you may be missing on camera

• Deliver information with excitement so you no longer feel and appear boring, robotic, or flat on camera.

• Stay relevant and have connected, relatable conversations.

• Know exactly who you’re talking to and to be able to connect with them... before you actually connect.

• Learn how to say the same point in a variety of ways so that what you’re teaching always sounds fresh, new and original.

• Know how to start and finish each video so that you come across like a Pro without rambling, or getting tongue-tied.

Sound natural and not memorized.

• Start your videos with “just can’t look away” qualities.

• Feel relaxed and remove the shaky hands, and nervous quivering voice.

• Know how to create extra time for thinking without having long pauses.

Engage with people who show up live in a way that makes people watching the replay feel like they were there too.

• Create a party-like feeling as soon as you press Go Live!

• Use dynamics such as speed, slow, cadence, inflections, spiciness, rhythms and use of props.

Stay on track with a feeling of great freedom.

• Assume the identity of a mentor or superhero to allow you to stretch beyond what you currently allow yourself to do. 

• Activate your playfulness so people can see the full spectrum you!

• Go beyond and find new ways to express yourself!
*Discover over 15 ways to Activate Alignment so you can engage your audience by bringing out your playful, colorful, confident and natural self!

"Now I have the confidence to continue to create content for my page and group. I’ll be sticking close to what Trisbrina are offering next. They have consistently steered me in the right direction as I build my dream business online! I’m so very, very grateful!" ~ Bonnie Carney
In this program Sabrina reveals her 7 Essential Makeup Secrets to look fresh, natural and vibrant on camera! It's incredible how these simple and natural methods allow you to 'Show Up Lit Up' without TRYING to look all fancy and glamorous!
"If you want to become a master at online selling and feel comfortable in your skin doing it, this is where you want “to be.”  ~ Donna Byxbe
PLUS Program #4
We have a VERY special 'Super Bonus' for you (Program #4 in your KIT). This is our DIY Simple Studio Setups Course so you know EXACTLY how to create your virtual set – with this training you'll have 8 sets from just ONE room and your garden!


 Whether you’re sitting and teaching, walking, moving, or just standing... you’ll find something with this DIY Simple Studio Setups program for every filming situation!
Great Tools To Clear 'Head Trash' & Tap Into Flow! 
 BONUS #1: Flip-Into-Flow Energy Activator
with Tristan Truscott
Being present and at your BEST on camera is a key piece of the puzzle for truly connecting with your audience. Follow along with this Moving meditation (Qigong) to quickly get unblocked, aligned, and in a state of Flow and Ease!
Real Value: $47
 BONUS #2: Self Esteem Affirm-A-Vision™
with Sabrina Truscott
Watch this fusion of guided imagery, beautiful music, positive affirmations and brainwave entrainment to help uplift your mood and tap your natural self confidence and self esteem.
Real Value: $47
 BONUS #3: Flowing With Success Guided Process
with Sabrina Truscott
Listen to this Guided Process with Sabrina Truscott to help remove pesky blocks that keep you from the level of success and fulfillment you desire and deserve!
Real Value: $47
This video shows you
 Mentally eliminate aches, pains, stiffness and soreness with a short 15-minute guided breathwork session.

 Naturally elicit your body's relaxation response by recalibrating the signal between your brain and body using the sound of the breath.
Real Value: $197
The private community will help you...
 Get all of your questions answered during the live trainings in the private group.
 Get additional support after the live trainings and continue to improve your healing skills.
Connect with others on their healing journey and learn from each other.
Real Value: $197
"The support, the nurturing, the gentle nudging...exactly what I needed to get momentum in my business!! I can’t thank Tristan and Sabrina enough for bringing us together and teaching us while simultaneously lovingly holding space as we created together. A truly amazing, inspiring and game changing experience! I’m so thankful!" ~ Coby Clancy Scaccia 


PROGRAM 1 - “Go Live With Confidence Course” ($497 Value)
Exactly What To Do Before, During And After you Go Live!
PROGRAM 2 - “Free To be Me On Camera” ($497 Value)
15 Activators to Unlock Your Confidence & Charisma On Camera
PROGRAM 3 - “7 Essential Make-up Secrets" ($297 Value)
Look Fresh, Natural & Vibrant on Camera with this Training!


SUPER BONUS: “Simple Studio Setups Course” ($997 Value)
Simple Studio Setups shows you EXACTLY how to create your virtual set – and with this training you'll have 8 sets from just ONE room and your garden! There's something for any situation!
$1291 + $997 = $2288


BONUS #1: “Flip Into Flow Energy Activator" ($47 Value)
Use this Moving Meditation to Quickly get Unblocked, Aligned, and into Flow  State!
BONUS #2: Self Esteem Affirm-A-Vision™ ($47 Value)
Use this Digital Visionboard (images, affirmations and brainwave entrainment) to unlock your Inner Confidence!
BONUS #3: "Flowing With Success MP3" ($47 Value)
Listen to this Guided Audio with Sabrina Truscott to Remove Blocks that keep you from the level of Success you Desire and Deserve!


3 Programs + All The Bonuses

 $997  JUST $297
Your Investment: Get started today for 3 easy investments of just $117
Or just one quick investment of $297, saving you an additional $54
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On-Camera: Next Level Confidence Kit
3 Home-Study Programs + ALL Bonuses

$2429 / $997  Just $297

*****Special Holiday Discount *****

**Special Discount - Save $2132****

Includes the complete Next Level Confidence Kit Program!


Next Level Confidence Kit + Bonuses + ACCELERATOR Virtual Coaching

$7429 / $2500 Just $997


**Special Discount - Save $6432**

Includes the Next Level Program PLUS the Accelerator Coaching!


Together we'll create YOUR perfect Hook, and a unique way to express the problem you solve. We'll help you create a Set with great Light & Sound, guide your through the tech with ease, and assist you with personalized tips to show up better on camera.

You'll walk away with a "Video Business Card" that you can use on Social Media, a Webpage, LinkedIn, and even TEXT or Message it to people! 

Preparation Day: Saturday, December 17th, 2022 (1pm central)
Full Virtual Day: Thursday, December 29th, 2022 (11am central)

60 Day Full 100% Money Back Guarantee For The Next Level Confidence KIT!
The Guarantee is for people who are not satisfied with the quality of the trainings. It does not apply to people who don't complete the program or apply the skills. You'll need to provide proof of going live or recording videos using the techniques taught in the program.
Fast Action Bonus
LIMITED $97 BONUS:  If you're seeing this then it is still included!
In The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Dr. Joseph Murphy uses practical, easy-to-understand techniques and real-world case studies to show how changing your thought patterns can produce dramatic improvements in your life. This book really highlights the vast influences that your subconscious mind has on all aspects of your existence – healing, well-being, money, relationships, jobs, happiness – and how you can apply and direct its power to achieve your goals and dreams. 

What the Celebrities Are Saying!

"You two are seriously the most FUN and most REAL presenters/teachers/leaders I've ever had the pleasure of watching. After all these years of being connected with you, this was the first time I'd really taken the time to join/watch you in action. And, wowzers, color me super impressed!!! THANK YOU for all you do in the world to bring love, light and healing. And to walk your talk, to truly lead by example with humility and authenticity. I'm not kidding, I found myself glued to my screen and couldn't look away - you are both so watchable. ha! And your energy individually and together is so CLEAN!!" ~ Mari Smith (Premier Facebook Marketing Expert and Social Media Thought Leader. 'Even Facebook™ asks for her help' ~ FORBES"

“Sabrina and Tristan have given myself and my community insider secrets of not only showing up as a professional, but more importantly, connecting with those we were created to serve. Every time they share, I pick up another strategy that allows me to show up as I'm being called to do in this world. I am so grateful for them and the gifts that they share. Not only have they allowed me to multiply my income, but they've given me a fast path to multiply my impact.” - Kim Walsh Philips (Founder of Powerful Professionals has worked with some of the biggest names in business including Kevin O’Leary, Dan Kennedy, Harley-Davidson, Hilton Hotels, and many others)

“Tristan and Sabrina are masters of being on camera and teaching others how to show up in a fun, authentic way that connects and moves people into taking inspired action. I’ve watched them grow and help thousands of people do the same. I couldn’t recommend them any more than saying, ‘they are the best’. - John Assaraf (CEO of and Featured Teacher from the movie ‘The Secret’)

“When you watch Tristan and Sabrina Truscott’s videos they are so engaging, so professional, so informative, so authentic... and you feel like one of their friends. As a viewer, all you want to do is know more about them and spend time with them - and that is what makes a great video. Tristan and Sabrina are fantastic teachers and I know they will be able to help you create an amazing community and incredible following using video.” - Natalie Ledwell (Motivational Speaker, Best-selling Author, Host of The Inspiration Show and Co-Founder of ‘Mind Movies’)

“Imagine being coached by 2 of the most successful online entrepreneurs who have used video as their magic technique for incredible success. THEN add in a dash of an established actress who KNOWS how to interact with the camera and how to help you seriously up your game on video. Then throw in a pinch of deep integrity and a profound gift of intuition… this rare expertise is what you’ll receive when you work with Tristan and Sabrina.” - Jennifer McLean (Multimillionaire Wellness Entrepreneur, Creator of The Spontaneous Transformation Technique)

“If you want to attract clients online, it’s so much easier for people to trust you when your confident energy radiates through the camera. And there is nobody better in this industry to show you how to drop into that energy (with very specific strategies) than Tristan and Sabrina. Plus, they create such a safe and fun container… they make everything about being on-camera so darn easy! I feel like a rockstar using their behind-the-scenes secrets!” - Jeanna Gabellini, (CEO of MasterPeace Coaching, Master Business Coach, and Law of Attraction Expert)

“Sabrina and Tristan are not only masters of raising the energy and the vibration of any room that they walk into, but they are masters of taking that energy and pushing it through the screen so it connects with their audience!” - Justin Guarini (CEO of Profit Under Pressure, Performer, Coach, Speaker, and Runner-Up 1st Season of American Idol.

"You guys are the very best. Anyone on the fence... I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sabrina and Tristan on a number of programs and they have outdone themselves. I am so excited about this program. I’ve taught in stages all over the world, ran digital and real world conferences and built several successful businesses and video has been my weak point in every case I’m so excited to get over myself and finally do my daily videos which I’ve been procrastinating on for months now. Jump off the fence and dive in!" Heather Seitz-Tankersley (Co-Founder and CEO of EmailDelivered)

Tristan and Sabrina have a chemistry and an online presence that makes you feel welcome and excited to be a part of the action! Their teaching is simple, informative and most importantly, a lot of fun! They have turned their passion for helping others into an incredibly impressive system for online business and have quickly become my most inspiring mentors in this space. If you want to be a part of the action, there is no better place to start! - Craig Young (Artist, Composer and Producer)

We 100% Believe We Can Help You Reach Your NEXT LEVEL! But Don't Just Take Our Word For It… Listen To What Others Are Saying:


"If Tristan and Sabrina have a virtual day you can count on it being exceptional, motivating, filled with amazing ideas, fun and funny! They are just the best at what they do. I love their Qigong classes, workouts, business classes, weekly shows and demos...what more can I say. Just do it. Let Tristan and Sabrina enrich your life with joy on the inside and out! Love them!"

~ Beth Donnelly Feller ~


"Working with Sabrina and Tristan was the absolute perfect solution for me and got me headed in the perfect direction. The support, the nurturing, the gentle nudging...exactly what I needed to get momentum in my business!! I can’t thank Tristan and Sabrina enough for bringing us together and teaching us while simultaneously lovingly holding space as we created together. A truly amazing, inspiring and game changing experience! I’m so thankful!"

~ Coby Clancy Scaccia ~


"Tristan and Sabrina are there for us and guide us to make sure we can do it. Finally I understand what I am doing, and I can do it myself. I will be able to upgrade it when I wanted. Thanks Trisbrina!"

~ Claudine Paquet ~


"Being in a small group meant both Tristan and Sabina could give us all much more individual hands on coaching. It was much more personal and those mini brainstorming session where we had to put together what we had learned was brilliant. I would be sure to embrace more training with them. From someone who hated the idea of selling I’m much more confident and aligned with my purpose and guess what I’m now loving marketing. Watch out world here I come!"

~ Annette Greenwood ~


"I am finally in a position to launch my online business, something I have been trying to figure out for a very long time. They have such a strong understanding of technology and marketing, all of which pours through in the training. While I very much appreciate the wealth of information they bring to the table, the part that I most value is that their teachings come from the heart, something I look forward to sharing with my students. Thank you Trisbrina for the Love that you share, for creating this training and for inspiring me to create and launch and then do it again and again!"

~ Kim DeClair ~


"This training has been exactly what I needed. Sabrina and Tristan are exceptional teachers and supporters in my learning process. They have so much skill and experience in online business development, social networking, and use of personal attributes that they make this journey easy and fun. Never thought I’d say that about being in front of a camera selling my own product. I’m the person who froze on stage during a high school talent contest and started quoting from the play Hamlet “to be or not to be,” which had nothing to do with my talent!!! If you want to become a master at online selling and feel comfortable in your skin doing it, this is where you want “to be.” 

~ Donna Byxbe ~


"I’m a person who has wanted to find the right formula to get my services online for many years but could never quite put the pieces of the puzzle together. It seems the more I learned about offering my services on social media, the taller the mountain looked. Enter Trisbrina with their brilliant marketing minds, their huge hearts and willingness to help others. It’s a winning combination. They have a way of making the complicated easy and the social media mountain put into perspective. Even though they have both been lifelong entrepreneurs and are naturals around the world of show biz, they stay grounded into what the average, heart based service provider (like me) is going through in their quest to go online. Now... I have the confidence to continue to create content for my page and group. I’ll be sticking close to what Trisbrina are offering next. They have consistently steered me in the right direction as I build my dream business online! I’m so very, very grateful!"

~ Bonnie Carney ~


"This would've at least taken me several months to try and figure out on my own. Even then, most of the things I learned I probably would've never figured out on my own. This was truly an amazing eye-opening experience, not just because of the knowledge I've gained, but also the belief and confidence that I can take my business to the next level now, and the bonding with an incredible group of people. It was very inspiring, unique, ingenious and a total BLAST! I cannot express my gratitude enough for this training, I'm so much further along because of it. Anyone contemplating this should definitely go for it, you will be glad you did! Thank you Tristan and Sabrina for all you did and for once again over-delivering as you always do. You continue to blow my mind and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next because I know I'll be sure to jump on board!"

~ Donna Rios ~

Meet The Creators
Tristan & Sabrina Truscott
The Story Behind Why We GO LIVE!
Click to Watch Our Docu-Mini About Why We Go Live!

Tristan and Sabrina Truscott both have a deep passion for mind-body fitness, spiritual growth and heart-centered entrepreneurship. This dynamic duo run a 7-figure online healing and coaching business through monetizing the power of personal connection and live video streaming. They have developed easy to implement training programs to help other holistic practitioners, wellness coaches and transformational leaders launch and expand their online (and offline) businesses.
DON'T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT… listen to what others are saying:
"I've been going to a chiropractor every week for the last 20 years to treat pain in my back, neck, and shoulders. I did not go to the Chiropractor this past week as I did not need to. I feel amazing... All I can say is after a few days I started noticing less pain, much better sleep and of course much more energy. You have no idea how excited I am to wake up each day with no pain. I truly feel blessed to have found you and I wanted to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart." ~ Kris Buettmann


“I was having constant aching pain in my low back for several months. After trying different forms of treatment including physical therapy, I wasn’t sure anything was going to work. Then, when you sat down with me one on one to explain the true connection of the mind & body, I began to understand that my very real physical pain was rooted in my mind and not my body. Using methods you taught including tapping, positive affirmation and meditation, we were able to clear out negative images and let go of past/present blockages. It’s been well over a year now and I’m still pain free. This whole experience was like a cleansing of the mindbodysoul and has allowed me to move freely, mentally, emotionally AND physically, on with my life with a new appreciation of self. Clearly, my gratitude is endless. Thank you” ~ Judith Lockett


“I have had lower back problems for over 20 years! Through the stretching exercises along with proper breathing techniques… I have dramatically improved the quality of my life. I am able to do all the physical exercises (including racquetball) that I once loved when I was younger – virtually pain free. After trying many different things to conquer my back pain through the years, nothing was successful until the guidance and direction you set me on. I do not think twice about engaging in any type of physical activity now. Best of all, I do not worry about waking up the following morning unable to get out of bed. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you for setting me free.” ~ Ira Kravitz


“I want you to know that I am having great results from the Qigong practice, I practice it on a daily basis and have found that my lower back has more flexibility than before, where before I had a hard time putting my socks on, now I can bring my leg up while sitting down without lower back strain, I actually love it, the energy is so palpable, so to everyone responsible putting this program together.” ~ Pete Gomez


One of the best 'gentle movement' programs I have ever experienced--and I've done many. The circular movements are perfect to get you back in the pain-free game! ~ Cindy Kubica


”I just did my first practice session for the lying position... it made me feel incredibly straight, light, and bright!!! You really did an awesome job putting these exercises together! Thanks again!” ~ Sarahann Peachy


“I was having increased back problems for about 6 months. Sharp pains in my lower back that got so bad I could barely move and I couldn’t sleep. I was in constant pain and it was getting pretty serious and affecting every aspect of my life. The pain would literally paralyze me at times and I felt completely shut down. Tristan showed me a series of movements that took me from immobility to absolutely no pain whatsoever within about a week. Even the day after I began I noticed considerable improvement. I haven’t had back pain since… These techniques are amazing and great for anyone regardless of whether or not you have specific pain or stress.” ~ John Gibson


"Forget about the weight loss, increased energy and motivation I've been experiencing, this is the first time in close to 20 years my lower back is consistently pain free. If you are looking for a new fitness regimen THIS IS IT!" ~ Jen Jefferson


“Usually, several hours after my work out routine at the gym, I experience a soreness and stiffness in different parts of my body. I had accepted these ‘aches and pain’ as a part of the process of the body getting older. Several hours after the exercises, I was NOT experiencing my usual aches and pains and actually felt more relaxed and my whole nervous system felt much calmer. The following day, when I would really feel all my ‘aches and pains’, I felt very relaxed, calm, and energetic. I have noticed that since I have begun... I do not experience the same stiffness, or soreness that I did before.” ~ Martha Garrett


"Although I still have back pain it's less than before, and I have experienced these little spurts of energy that have allowed me to do things I could not do before (like standing in the kitchen and do a complete set of dirty dishes without having to run to lie down every five seconds). I hope that when I complete the four weeks I'll be much better. I also like your explanations, the simplicity of the exercises, in one word...everything." ~ Eugene Matta


 I am so grateful to have found you both. It is perfect timing and I am blessed. I am healing from a back challenge and nerve pain in my leg and foot. I am definitely getting stronger [...] I’ve been a massage therapist for 30+ years and this injury has stopped me. [...] I am healing [...] what you are bringing forward right now is so perfect. ~ Ellie Josephs


" spine now adjusts on it’s own without a chiropractor, that’s never happened to me before and I’m 51." Alison Jayne
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