Virtual Qigong Certification - Starts October 11th, 2017! 
Transform your Passion for the Healing Energy Arts into a Highly Profitable Heart-Centered Business (no travel required!)
"I've yet to find anybody in this industry who has such genuine warmth and care for the people whose lives you touch." - June Burgess
What is Satori Qigong: The Flow Form?
The Flow Form is our flagship Qigong program. Created by Sensei Tristan Truscott, this simple, yet highly effective routine can be completed in approximately 17 minutes. This style of Qigong (moving meditation) is used to clear toxic energy blocks that can be the root cause behind: Pain, Stiffness, Sleep Issues and Premature Aging! (not to mention feelings of moodiness, reactivity and lethargy!)

Many Westerners love the phenomenal health benefits of Qigong, but find the lengthy complicated sequences confusing and esoteric. Tristan’s 'Flow Form' is time-efficient, Western-friendly, results driven yet simple to learn... a kind of "best-of-the-best" fusion blend. *Click to watch a sneak peek of The Flow Form ➜ 
Getting Certified: Basically you start by using the included home-study course to LEARN 'The Flow Form”. The course is broken down into detailed lessons that give you the techniques and nuances, as well as follow-along practice videos. As you follow along start memorizing the Flow sequence, the names of the moves, and be able to go through the routine without looking at the recording. Then show up to the LIVE Training Sessions beginning Oct. 11th and ending Nov. 8th (or watch the recordings of the sessions which will be available in our private Qigong Facebook group and on a non-Facebook platform). Keep reading for all of the extra details. 
Qigong Certification Overview:

If you've ever wanted the opportunity to take your love for the healing energy arts and transform that passion into a highly profitable heart-centered business, then this Virtual Qigong Certification is for you! For 4-weeks (twice a week) you'll train with Satori Method founders, Tristan & Sabrina Truscott as they guide you into deeper levels of Qigong Mastery. Each week they'll also impart the teaching and business skills they've honed over the last 30 years while instructing people in the transformation arts.


We've designed this certification for people who want to take their Qigong skills deeper and those also interested in sharing this rejuvenating energy practice with others. It's perfect for healers, coaches, bodyworkers, physical therapists and other heart-centered service providers looking for a way to enhance their client's results using a process that compliments the work they're already offering... or people looking for a way to start their own profitable love-based business.


This entire certification program is taught online, which means you get to master your Qigong practice from the comfort of your own home, office or studio. Plus with the advancements of today's video streaming technology we're able to give you the training you desire through virtual video feedback.


The certification training starts on October 11th, 2017. The training concludes after a 4-week deep-dive training period. The exam and graduation will be offered at several different times in mid-to-late November, 2017. (Note: you have a full year to complete your exam!)


You have 4 options regarding the exam:
• Attend the group "Virtual" exam via Zoom. (You’ll need a camera on your computer or phone)
• Attend the group "Live" exam in Austin, Texas on Friday evening Nov. 10th. (No extra fees!)
• Send us a video of you doing The Flow Form. (You have a full year to complete this task)
• Opt-out of the exam. (You will get a Certificate of Completion but you won't qualify to receive the Certified Instructor Certificate, logo for your website, directory listing or branding materials) 
Get Officially Certified!
Upon completion of the Qigong Mastery Certification program you'll be awarded a Prestigious Certificate, along with the tools you need to expand your healing energy arts practice.
This isn't your run-of-the-mill 'HOW TO' Certification...
In addition to the Certification, this online LIVE training will give you the necessary energetic secrets AND insights on running a successful Passion-Based Business -- while helping others doing what you LOVE!
Meet Your Instructors!
Tristan & Sabrina Truscott both have over 3 decades of experience teaching martial arts, dance fitness, meditation and the healing arts. They're the creators of 7 internationally acclaimed mind-body-spirit programs that help people awaken their life-force energy for the cultivation of physical vitality, mental clarity and higher consciousness.

Why Qigong? In the year 2000, Tristan was forced to end his martial arts career due to a crippling back injury. For 5 long years Tristan and Sabrina searched for a solution to end his intense pain. After a many dead end roads, including a $90,000 surgery by top doctors, they were finally led to the art of Qigong.

The Flow Form: To many Westerners, Qigong instruction has seemed very esoteric and confusing. It can also take a LONG time to practice the routines, but the results from Qigong are phenomenal.  Over time Tristan and Sabrina developed a time-efficient, Western-friendly process. Today this easy-to-follow style of Qigong is known as "The Flow Form" (a best-of-the-best fusion blend). 
Study From Your Own Home!
Unlike most certification programs we actually bring the training experience and certification to you! Everyone loves this, especially our International attendees! No matter where you live you can attend our LIVE classes, replays and study sessions from the comfort of your own home (or office). This means NO added travel expenses and NO time away from home!

After 25 years of running our local Academy in Austin, TX and certifying students to teach... we've finally figured out how to broadcast our classes into a live format with today's latest advancements in online technology.

PLUS with this online technology you get an INSTANT REPLAY of all the classes! This is HUGE! You never feel like you missed a class and you can go through a lesson over and over until you’ve got it!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
➜  Below are the most commonly asked questions about the Virtual (Online) Qigong Certification Course. 
When are the sessions held? 
There are two masterclass certification sessions held each week. These 90-minutes sessions are held on Wednesdays at 7:00pm CST and Sundays at 2:00pm CST. All sessions are broadcast LIVE from our private Dojo (training studio) and replays are available.
What is covered in the sessions? 
During the sessions you will: 1) learn how to level up your personal Qigong skill, 2) learn how to teach the Art of Qigong to others, 3) continue to improve your mastery of Qigong with our weekly Flow Form home-study sessions (see the BONUSES below!)
What if I can’t make a live session? 
Every session is recorded so you can enjoy the replays when you can’t make a live class. (Special Note: The lessons and take-aways continue after each class ends through LIVE texting chat under the videos).
What if I’ve never done anything like this before? 
Perfect! Seriously, we’ve figured out how to teach people at all different stages of development with our unique ‘layered learning' process… it’s something we’ve mastered by working with thousands of people over the years.
Is it safe to participate online? 
Yes! Your experience with us is very safe and secure. We use a private Facebook group to deliver our classes simply because it’s the most user-friendly platform out there. FYI, we’ve spent over 10 years testing which technology will give our students the best results – this is the best!
I don’t do Facebook so now what?
We realize some people don’t use FB - No Problem! Great news: after each live session, we'll load the training video to our private members area for you to watch and follow along with the group training. So no Facebook is needed!
 First Session Starts October 11th!
"Your Qigong Certification has changed my Life". - Dawn M
How many people will be attending with me?
You’ll be joining a small, private, mindful group of people. We only offer this training to a LIMITED NUMBER OF PEOPLE. The student-to-teacher ratio is set at a level that allow us to fully support YOU!
What does the Exam entail?
Over the 4-weeks of certification training we dive deeply into the art of Qigong, using The Flow Form as your certification curriculum. You'll get lots of feedback along the way to prepare for the exam. *All you need to pass the exam is a computer, smartphone or tablet. We'll help you get everything set up in advance so the experience is seamless and FUN!
Is the EXAM portion required? Or can I do this just for me?
The "Exam" is OPTIONAL - if you don't want to take the exam you can go through the entire process for you own personal mastery. And the 50% OFF Good Faith Offer is for everyone - as well as all of the Bonuses! It does not REQUIRE that you take the Exam or start teaching.
What if I have additional questions?
Simply email us at: satori@satorimethod.com or feel free to call us (512) 698-9591 with any other question you may have. 
  We also shot this short FAQ video for ya!
Our Good Faith Offer
Here’s something special we’re doing for you:
So to be totally clear, you can attend the event, go through all the training, and get certified for HALF the normal tuition. You only pay the remaining balance, IF AND ONLY IF, you make at least $5000 within a year, using what you learn and apply from this event. Otherwise, you don’t owe us another dime! You'll also get all of the bonuses (keep reading) - we really want you to know that we fully believe in this certification training program and we fully believe in YOU!! That’s why we’re willing to bend over backwards to help you make the decision to expand your practice and fully profit from your Qigong and Energy healing passion!
 Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses!
Over $1100 of Fast-Action Bonuses
  • The Flow Form Course: Immediately after you register you'll get a digital copy of our "Satori Qigong: The Flow Form" home-study course. If you already own a copy you may gift it to a friend.  (Value $177)
  •  Austin Qigong Workshop: Join us in Austin on Friday evening November 10th for a Deep-Dive Qigong Workshop. You can also take your        Qigong Certification Examat this event and get extra support. (Value $250)
  •  Satori Summit Live Event Voucher: Use this Voucher towards a Satori Summit Event ticket until 1/1/2019. The next Summit is in Austin, Texas November 11-12th, 2017. Value is Non-transferable. (Value $100)
  •  Mastermind Voucher: Use this Voucher towards one of our Business Masterminds. The next Business Mastermind is in Austin, Texas November 13th, 2017. Value is Non-transferable. (Value $100)
  •  Certification Monetization Training: This SUPER BONUS alone could be the most important (and profitable) workshop you attend to grow your healing energy arts practice!  (Value $497 - see below)
 Super Bonus Workshop
"Certification Monetization Training"
We believe this "Certification Monetization" online workshop is the missing piece most Certifications leave out... the strategies and tactics to create (and expand) your own Highly-Profitable, Passion-Driven business... one that transform people's lives... and at the same time gives YOU more Freedom, Money and Time!

During this online workshop, we’ll dive into Heart-Centered Strategies that help you start, build and scale your business. We'll reveal the biggest mistake most teachers, coaches, healers and energy workers make right out of the gate! And show you how to lovingly get a cutting-edge above the competition :-) 
This "Certification Monetization" BONUS alone could be the most important (and profitable) workshop you attend!
Ramp Up Your ENERGY... AND Ramp Up Your REVENUE!
ENROLL NOW and become a CERTIFIED Qigong Practitioner PLUS get our proven tactics to transform your current (or brand new) healing arts practice into a highly lucrative heart-centered business!
Grab your spot while we're still running our 
Good Faith Offer - 50% OFF the Tuition.
1-Pay: $1397  ONLY $697
(*Just 3 low flexible payments of $257)
All of the extra juicy details are in this video!
"This certification program allowed me to take my own Qigong practice to the next level. It was well organized with detailed information of Qigong terms, body positions, specific areas of the body to focus on, breathing, visualization techniques and so much more. ". - Jill Beck
The Buzz!
Listen to what some of our Graduates are saying:
"This certification program allowed me to take my own Qigong practice to the next level. It was well organized with detailed information of Qigong terms, body positions, specific areas of the body to focus on, breathing, visualization techniques and so much more. These talented teachers have an enthusiasm and love for Qigong that came through in every session. With this certification I am now able give back and teach Qigong, plus it is such a great addition to my Energy Medicine and Nutrition business." - Jill Beck
"Your Qigong Certification has changed my life and opened doors to help change the lives of others. I have more focus, energy and can actually meditate deeply now. My students LOVE being able to sleep through the night and enjoy being balance on many different levels including a 90 years young student who can now get around without the use of a walker or cane. Thank you dearly XOXO" - Dawn Madrid
"Learning with Tristan and Sabrina was a fun and informative experience. Since attending the Satori Method Qigong Certification I now have demonstrable proof that I know what I'm doing (I got skills!) and the confidence to show people a great way to get better sleep, have more energy, and feel healthier. The certification has gifted me the ability to help others gift themselves greater joy." - Yoshua Ortiz
"In 2015 with many beautiful friends I attended the Qigong Certification program. Qigong is such a great energy work practice that enriches my life daily. I am truly grateful to Sensei Tristan Truscott and Sensei Peter Ragnar for bringing this beautiful art into my life." - Judit Sara
And here's what some of our other students are saying:
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