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November 11-13th, 2017 • Austin, Texas
The Love-Based 
Business Blueprint Event
Tap Into More Time, More Money & More Freedom with a HIGHLY PROFITABLE, Love-Based Business.... without Manipulative Marketing or Sleazy Selling!
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If you’re a coach, healer, energy worker, teacher, fitness instructor, therapist, service provider or transformational leader -- then keep reading because this is definitely for YOU.
The Love-Based Business Blueprint
We have a unique blueprint that has generated millions of dollars with our online (and offline) businesses and we want to share it with you, BUT... there’s a catch... it only works when used with love-based principles.

(If that sounds a little woo woo to you, keep reading because soon you’ll see it’s really a big “WOO HOO!” for you :-)

What do we mean by Love-Based Business?

It's a business that's enriching for you and your customers on a SOUL level. Your business serves others… but helps you keep growing too. It’s a business you’re truly proud of... and perhaps even an extension of your spiritual practice.

*BTW, we don’t measure success by dollars alone, but rather how many lives we can touch. More on this in just a moment...
Are You In 1 Of These 3 Stages With Your Business?
#1) Discovery Stage: You recently discovered that you love to share, teach and serve others - but have no idea how to turn your abilities and love into a profitable business?

#2) Lift Off Stage: You already know what needs to be done to launch your heart-work in the world… but you still need help getting a good lift-off?

#3) Catapult Stage: You’ve always known you’re here to help others... and you're already working at it… but you need that extra BOOST to catapult what you're doing into a profitable, stress-free business? 

If you said YES to being in 1 of these 3 stages - then this event is perfect for YOU - and we’re here to help!
"We’ve been teaching personal development and running service-based businesses for over 25 years -- and we’ve learned a lot about what to do, but also what NOT to do." - Tristan & Sabrina Truscott
There’s A Hurdle Most Of Us Are Up Against!
The Learning CURVE-BALL of starting or growing your business...
Maybe you’ve attended some events (or taken a course) where you learn-learn-learn, your head (and notebook) gets filled with SO many new ideas and strategies... but by the time you get back home you're not really sure where to start?

In fact you now have so much MORE information that you actually feel mentally paralyzed... with no real plan of what to do with ANY of it!
It’s is a common experience known as an information hangover. Too much information just creates more confusion - you end up feeling like there are too many moving parts - and most people end up quitting.
That was our experience on and off for close to 7 YEARS... not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars later... left without a real business that we LOVED!

Fortunately for us it didn't end in gloom and doom, like it does for so many aspiring business owners. We kept tweaking what we'd learned until it felt "right" for us.

We deciphered all of the business growth and marketing information from countless seminars and found a way to implement that which was truly aligned with our hearts and how we love to serve. Today we get to do what we really love and help others, while generating a very healthy, honest income.
A Lot of What is Being Taught Doesn't Work!
If it's out of alignment with YOU and your energy... it will actually hurt your business!
One thing that used to really peeve us was many of the "coaches" or "teachers" (can we just call them ego-centric marketers) didn't actually have their own heart-based business, so they couldn't possibly relate to our clients and students... in fact many of their "ninja" techniques would upset our customers... ultimately costing us business AND relationships! The lesson? Alignment is key!
Now on the other side of the equation there are those who teach you how to coach, train or heal with a particular modality or system... but they don't show you how to monetize what you've learned. For example acupuncturists spend about $35K on becoming licensed to practice, but many go out of business within the first 2-3 years. How many people can you serve if your business can't support you and them? 
And if you're thinking about or currently  trying to go from a J-O-B or a brick and mortar business to using an online business model... or a different business entirely... you need to be very mindful of how you "cross the bridge".
There's a delicate way to transition (or expand) what you're currently doing as you navigate the "overlap" between these two worlds. If you get this wrong you'll have left a paying job or revenue stream that was supporting you, but now you don't have a steady income! Most trainers don't teach you how to navigate this very important transition - in fact they don't even bring it up!
We’ve Discovered A Different Way To DO Business!
A love-based way to grow (or start) your HIGHLY PROFITABLE business.
We already know you're a heart-centered, love-focused person or you wouldn't be reading this... but how does a "love-based business" actually make you money? That's an important question... one we should all be asking!

Sure you'll feel good about your program or service - you're coming from your heart and doing work you love - but for a lot of "love-based folk"... just coming from your heart doesn't equal real dollars... right? 
Well on one level we totally agree... just coming from your heart... without proper business sensibility usually means you'll end up in the charity business. 

Ok, so that's a little tongue and cheek (we actually love charity work, it's very close to our hearts, and we've helped raise 11 million dollars for abused children with our Gala), but charity work alone will not pay your bills or allow you to scale your business so you can serve more people.

We’d like to share with you a time-tested LOVE-BASED BUSINESS approach that does both! It’s a proven million dollar model that integrates great marketing and sales processes with heart.
From a top level perspective the Love-Based Business Blueprint is a fusion of several things: 1) Your Soul (love) is at the center of your business, 2) Your programs/services are crafted and offered from a place of service (love), and 3) You incorporate the best business strategies and tactics available today - guided by total integrity (love)!
"I've yet to find anybody in this industry who has such genuine warmth and care for the people whose lives you touch - and I'm not exaggerating." - June Burgess (Business Coach)
 The Blueprint That Leads To Abundance!
Follow this time-tested model and get  your own repeatable results...
A few years ago we started sharing our Business Blueprint -- and how to aggregate the many moving parts of a successful business into one sound system.

Through 1-1 VIP consulting we taught our method to other heart-centered business owners... also showing them how to convert what often seem like sleazy and manipulative marketing techniques... into what we call love-based offerings.

We mainly coached service providers... people just like you looking to expand what they were doing and looking to generate a healthy, honest income... while being of true service to others in the world.
"Working with Tristan has been utterly transformational! It's not just his mastery of the most cutting edge business strategies, or the way he teaches heart-centered entrepreneurship. Tristan's true genius is in his ability to start where you are and methodically guide you to places you didn't know were possible!" - John & Chris (Yax Yoga Concepts)
The results are in... and a NEW mission was born!

As our clients implemented our business blueprint the feedback was off the hook! We found not only did they love the refreshing love-based approach... but with a few minor tweaks here and there the blueprint WORKED across the board! 

This was very exciting because it meant by streamlining our process, down into a step-by-step system, we were able to simplify their day-to-day business tasks, getting them GREAT revenue results... while saving them a TON of wasted time and money.
In fact this was so rewarding that NEW dimension to our company mission was born. 

The Satori Method mission had always been to help people awaken to more personal energy and power... but what we now understood was this mission could be multiplied by helping other love-based entrepreneurs, also aligned by a similar mission.

By helping them start, grow and expand their businesses (and revenue) we can ALL serve more love and consciousness through "our work" and help uplift the consciousness on this planet. And that's what's lead us to offering this Love-Based Blueprint to YOU!
"When people feel your energy and purity of intention it converts into sales WAY more than some savvy marketing tactic alone. Sure you need best practices in place... but nothing connects with people more (and keeps them coming back for more) than good old fashion L-O-V-E. If you want to be truly abundant... Lead with Love." - Trisbrina
What Exactly Will I Learn At The Event?
At this transformative 2-day workshop we'll break down our entire Business Blueprint for you. The Blueprint will give you a sound system to follow, including the exact marketing and sales process we've used to generate millions of dollars. 

In addition to the Blueprint you'll learn our specific step-by-step Implementation Sequence - until now we've only taught this to our VIP consulting clients. 

Don't under estimate the effectiveness of this Implementation Sequence, it might be the MOST important thing you implement to grow your business in the right way. 

Why? Because sequence is EVERYTHING. Do the wrong things in the wrong order and you'll be burning dollars and burning time... oh, and burning yourself out too -- do this right and you'll be UNSTOPPABLE!

   ✽  You have an idea you want to bring to the world
   ✽  You dream of making a bigger difference in this life
   ✽  You want to share your gifts while being paid really well
   ✽  You feel stuck or stagnant in your current business growth
     You want honest marketing and sales tactics that WORK!
   ✽  You're willing to TAKE ACTION to make it happen!


   ✽  Group Coaching & Group Classes 
     1-1 Coaching, Consulting & Training
   ✽  Membership Programs (a.k.a. Continuity)
   ✽  Home-Study Courses (DVD, CD & Digital)
   ✽  Live Events, Retreats & Online Workshops
   ✽  Certifications & High Ticket Masterminds
When you attend the live event you'll receive a copy of our complete Love-Based Business Blueprint. It visually shows you how all of the moving pieces fit together - ending the overwhelm!
Register below and join us! Expand your own Highly-Profitable, Love-Based Business... one that transforms people's lives... and at the same time gives you more Time, Money and Freedom! 
"Tristan and Sabrina never cease to amaze me with their keen marketing insights and creative eye for design. They have created an easy to follow business blueprint that totally rocks!" - Pat Parker (Custom Web Designs)
Energy Clearing At The Event!
Tristan & Sabrina Truscott both have over 3 decades of experience teaching transformational work such as mind-body fitness, martial arts, qigong, meditation, the healing arts and love-base business solutions. They're the creators of 7 internationally acclaimed mind-body-spirit programs that help people cultivate physical vitality, mental clarity and higher consciousness.

Why Energy Clearing? As you're learning the Love-Based Business Blueprint you'll be guided through several Satori Method processes. Each one designed to help you get tapped in and energetically aligned. It's from a place of clarity, focus and alignment that you'll SEE how to best integrate this blueprint into your business!
"To have a successful business, coaching is an absolute must. We've had many business coaches over the years. While they have helped Farris and I grow our business in various ways, none of them have helped at the level Tristan & Sabrina Truscott have. What makes their approach so different? Conscious Creative Heart. Their business strategies are a blend of creative and masterful cutting edge innovations, yet they never forget the ultimate reason we are doing what we do—to be of service to others." Cindy Kubica, Co-founder & Host Energized Living Today
 Attend The Event As A VIP! 
Get VIP Consulting at the Monday Mastermind Bootcamp
Stay an Extra Day - Attend the Mastermind Bootcamp!

On Saturday and Sunday we will teach you the Love-Based Business Blueprint. You'll understand our business model and have a detailed map of the "process". You'll also have tangible steps of exactly what to do next. 

When you stay an extra day (Monday) we'll give you the VIP experience! As a VIP we're going to help take you and your business to the next level by making sure you're implementing the business blueprint in the right way - for YOUR business.
What do you mean by Bootcamp? 

This is not a sit and get lectured to Mastermind... Bootcamp means you'll bring your notebook &/or Laptop and together we'll get your Love-Based Business OFF the ground... or to the NEXT level... but even FASTER! 

We will look at your website (if you have one), your marketing message, your pricing structures, your list building strategies... and correct things that you've been doing that may be off... or affecting your conversions and income.

If you don't yet have a business, that's ok too... this is also PERFECT for a newbie! During the Mastermind Bootcamp we’ll dive into heart-centered strategies that help you START, BUILD and SCALE your business. We'll review the biggest mistakes most coaches, teachers, healers and energy workers make right out of the gate! 

Can I afford to be VIP?

Today we consult business owners 1-1 on how to take their business to the next level. A full integration of our Blueprint into their business starts at $10,000. This VIP group mastermind setting gives you the opportunity to tap our experience for a fraction of that cost. We're opening this up to a very limited number of people, and the price is SO affordable (only $397 for a full VIP day with us)... so if this resonates with you, we recommend you grab your spot right away!


Your VIP ticket also includes a private dinner on Sunday evening where we'll begin sharing these NEXT LEVEL business ideas, strategies, tactics and income escalating short-cuts with you!
Thank you... It is in fact hard for those of us who do not naturally fall into the category of "business owner" to take big steps but I know that Tristan is 100% on board for helping us all succeed... I could not be doing this without you. Your willingness to share everything that has taken you years to learn leaves me humbly expressing my sincere thanks." - Ricki Lane
 The Event Venue 
Our gorgeous Country Club venue will blow your mind!
To protect the privacy of the event and the attendees we can only reveal the exact location after registration. However, we can tell you that we have secured one of Austin's most exclusive Country Clubs for the event - you can only get in if you are a private member. 

Fortunately one of our sponsors is a member and has arranged for us to host our event at this beautiful location on Saturday & Sunday. 

The Country Club is nestled in the woods with beautiful walking trails, creeks, restaurants and even a crystal rock wall meditation chamber! 
"Thank you for your teachings and guidance. I feel like a kid learning to walk as my life evolves and thanks to you I am standing straight and tall." - Sasha Lomas
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"I've yet to find anybody in this industry who has such genuine warmth and care for the people whose lives you touch - and I'm not exaggerating." - June Burgess
Business Backgrounds & Revenue Models
Tristan & Sabrina Truscott 

Tristan and Sabrina Truscott both became a budding entrepreneurs early on in life. With a deep passion for mind-body fitness, spiritual growth and heart-centered entrepreneurship they launched two service-based businesses in their early 20s. Tristan built the largest Martial Arts and Healing Center in Austin, Texas (with over 450 active students), while Sabrina grew a massively thriving Dance Fitness Studio. Below you can learn more about their integrative million dollar revenue model.
➜ Home-Study DVD/CD Courses:

In the year 2007 Tristan and Sabrina co-founded Satori Method and expanded their brick and mortar studio offerings by launching their home-study DVD/CD and digital courses for meditation, qigong, yoga, fitness and mindset mastery. Today they also offer physical "add-on" products as a way to boost revenue.

➜ Online Membership Classes:

With the rapid advancements in online technology they were finally able to re-create what they love about holding local classes and touch even more lives around the world by offering online membership classes. (How? With the power of Facebook Live).

➜ Workshops, Events & Retreats:

One of their greatest passions has always been working closely with their clients. That’s why in addition to local live events and retreats they also host online workshops as it’s one of the BEST ways to help people get amazing results. (Also great for attracting new clients!). 

➜ 1-1 Private Sessions:

Another powerful leg of Tristan and Sabrina’s business structure is offering 1-1 VIP sessions. This includes treatment-based sessions as well as private training and coaching sessions. Many service-providers fall into this category and by following their business blueprint you'll discover a unique way to fill your spots.

➜ Group Coaching Sessions:

In addition to the Satori Method Group Coaching programs Tristan is the director and marketing strategist for NeuroGym’s group business coaching program and Sabrina is the director and face-of Abundant Entrepreneur, a sister company of Mind Movies in San Diego.

➜ The Love-Based Business Blueprint:

Today Tristan and Sabrina love sharing the lessons they’ve learned over the past 30 years of entrepreneurship. It’s lead to the manifestation of their Love-Based Business Blueprint. This time-tested Blueprint allows them to quickly help other service-providers scale their current income and add untapped streams of revenue.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 Below are the most commonly asked questions about the Love Based Business Blueprint Event
Who is this Event for? 
Simply put this event is for coaches, healers, energy workers, teachers, fitness instructors, therapists, service providers or transformational leaders looking for a 'method to the marketing madness' and ways to consciously growing their business.
Do I need previous experience? 
No previous experience is needed. This love-based workshop training is for new and seasoned business owners :-) 
What are the physical expectations? 
At the event you'll be guided through energy clearing sessions to help  integrate deeper levels of vitality and clarity. We totally understand that everyone enjoys different types of energy clearing we simply ask that you participate in whatever practices feel best for you.
What are the hours each day? 
The workshop hours are Sat/Sun 9-5. After the Saturday session everyone is invited to hangout at our favorite restaurant on the lake. The Mastermind Bootcamp kicks-off with a private dinner on Sunday at 7pm... and goes from 9-5 on Monday.
What if I have to leave early? 
We totally understand - please just exit quietly :-)
Can I invite a friend or partner to attend? 
Absolutely! Please share this page with all your friends.
Where is the event held? 
To protect the privacy of the event and the attendees we can only reveal the exact location after registration. However, we can tell you that we have secured one of Austin's most exclusive Country Clubs for the event - you can only get in if you are a private member. Fortunately one of our sponsors is a member and has arranged for us to host our event at this beautiful location!!
What should I wear?
Dress is nice casual, comfortable, allowing for gentle physical movement. Sunday's VIP Mastermind Bootcamp dinner will be business casual. (We're going out to our favorite restaurant and wine bar - whoo hooo!)
Where do I sleep? And do I need a car?
We have a block of discounted rooms at a very convenient and affordable hotel. Hotel accommodation options will be sent by email once you complete your registration. We also have a private Facebook group for attendees to connect for ride sharing or locating roommates (this is of course optional).
How many people will be attending?
This is not one of those HUGE events where you feel lost in a crowd. This is much more intimate, yet not so small that you ever feel "on the spot". To give you a rough idea, there will be less than 50 people :-)
How will the event help my business?
The section above titled "What Exactly Will I Learn At The Event?" really dives into this question :-)
Do I need a business to attend this event?
Having a business allows us to help you take it to the next level BUT this event is also PERFECT for a newbie! We'll be sharing our biggest insights on what NOT to do, as well as our top strategies on how to start a business that will be profitable and rewarding!
Why do you offer the Mastermind Bootcamp?
Building a love-based business is a beautiful thing. We are going to literally give you the best roadmap we know of for a service provider. The extra day in the Mastermind Bootcamp gives us more time to work with you in a VIP consulting scenario. we can look much more deeply at what you're doing now and how to customize your next action steps.
How much individual attention will I get in the Mastermind Bootcamp?
A Lot! We're keeping the Monday Mastermind quite small so we can give YOU the personal attention and tools you need.
What if I have additional questions?
Simply email us at: satori@satorimethod.com or feel free to call us (512) 698-9591 with any other question you may have. 
 Remember to register before November 5th for the 80% OFF Early Bird Discount!
“Tristan and Sabrina's Austin Mastermind was an incredible event - I had fun, learned a lot, and would recommend the event to anyone looking for lasting insights." - Steve J
 The Buzz!
Listen to what some of our previous event participants are saying:
"The Master Mind weekend in Austin last fall was a transformative experience for me. New perspectives, insights, beautiful energy shifts were in perfect alignment with my desire to connect with and live from my heart. Being a detail oriented analytical person has had me hold on to my old programming thus feeling stuck. Sensei Tristan’s teachings, Sabrina’s support and the group that came together for that weekend opened new doors and windows for me getting rid of some of the old programming. I took away a commitment to take care of spiritual, physical and mental Self. Thank YOU Sensei Tristan and Sabrina for an amazing weekend and all the LOVE you share. Namaste" - Sasha Lomas
"The Austin Mastermind was beyond words. The depth of the subject matter is mind opening. With the passion and love you two have for helping and coaching others, you provided an incredible deep dive experience balanced with movement and time for integration. I cannot thank you enough for how life changing this was!" - Dawn Madrid
"Tristan is the best coach and mentor in the world! I've yet to find anybody in this industry who has such genuine warmth and care for the people whose lives you touch - and I'm not exaggerating." - June Burgess
“I really enjoyed coming to Austin last year for the Satori Method event. Austin was a beautiful environment and it was very nice to meet the other Satori "travelers" in this journey. Everyone was so positive and supportive. Also, it was a real treat to finally meet Tristan and Sabrina in person after all these years of seeing their videos and pictures. It was an experience that I'll continue to remember and look forward to coming to the next one! Thank you, Brandon E. " - Brandon Edwards
“Tristan and Sabrina's Austin Mastermind was an incredible event that focused on how to improve all aspects of wellness. The thoughtfully planned schedule included a mix of activities including discussions, exercises, and fun excursions -- such as a beautiful boat ride. I had fun, learned a lot, and would recommend the event to anyone looking for lasting insights." - Steve J
“The Austin Mastermind event was a magical weekend with Sensei Tristan, Sabrina and fellow explorers. I appreciated the multi-faceted venues from the beautiful Country Club to dojo to walks to boat ride to restaurants where Tristan dove deeper into the teachings as appropriate to each place we were in. It was a joy to finally meet up with friends we perhaps only knew from Facebook. We didn’t just passively sit back but shared our thoughts and practiced our Flow together. Although our Virtual Dojo is unique, being physically together took us to another level of understanding and being. Sensei definitely had prepared many of our lessons, but as always, we were in an environment where we as seekers could have our individual questions answered. This was an intense weekend of transformation well worth experiencing and incorporating into my life. " - Naomi Moy
“The Satori Mastermind was a transformational event for me in every aspect of my life! Sensei Tristan and his beautiful wife Sabrina’s depth of knowledge and experience far exceeded any other personal improvement/business book or program I have ever completed. Additionally, they were able to impart this training with great love, understanding and compassion, taking into consideration each person’s own starting point. It’s often been said, to have true success, joy, and health we must be able to balance the needs of our mind, body & spirit. If you’re ready to 'level up' in any area of your life, then this is the event for you!  -Rachelle Hebert
And here's what some of our other students are saying:
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